a stream consisting of a series of channels that wander, branch, and reconnect, creates a braided pattern, known as anastamosis


Here are some of my favorite travel blogs/websites.

Adventurous Kate - Solo woman traveler and blogger

Art of Backpacking - One stop shop for stories, tips and gear reviews

Bacon is Magic – Travel blog with spectacular photos

Bootsnall - Independent travel resource

Expatfinder – Helpful details on moving to Vietnam (or elsewhere in the world)

Legal Nomads - Travel blog with a special focus on food… mmmm.

Let’s Be Wild - Adventure travel blog with lots of great writers and stories

Locationless Living - Full-time traveler and blogger

Migrationology - Not just your average backpacker blog

Our Man in Hanoi - Fellow Hanoi blogger

STA Travel - Useful trip-planning and booking website for students

Travelfish - Asia travel guide

Twenty-Something Travel - Well-crafted travel blog

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