a stream consisting of a series of channels that wander, branch, and reconnect, creates a braided pattern, known as anastamosis

Los Angeles

September 28, 2011
by Erin
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Los Angeles: urban sprawl at its best

When I planned to visit a close friend in Los Angeles, California on my way across the Pacific, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the city.  In my head, Los Angeles was bound to be like New York City … Continue reading

September 26, 2011
by Erin
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Portland, Oregon: a city that thinks it’s a small town

In Portland, Oregon, everyone thinks that you are their next-door neighbor.  When you walk down the street, people you do not know smile and say hello–some offer free hugs.  Striking up a conversation with a random stranger in Pioneer Square, … Continue reading

Port-o-potty Art

September 19, 2011
by Erin

treasures in the valley

We left the movie theater on Wednesday night after a screening of “Enemies of Happiness”, a biographical documentary of Malalai Joya, the first Afghani woman to be elected to parliament in 2005.  Her political platform and outspokenness against Taliban warlords … Continue reading


September 12, 2011
by Erin

city of trees

Welcome to Boise, Idaho, City of Trees. This is an appropriate nickname, considering that for 100 miles in every direction from Boise is scrub-brush desert.  But, it’s not just the city’s nickname; if you know French, you’ve surely noticed that … Continue reading

September 8, 2011
by Erin


And so my adventure begins in the rain. Rain that will not relent, rain that overwhelms the Philadelphia airport. My US Airways flight to Denver, scheduled to depart at 6:05 didn’t even begin boarding until 6:45. With boarding complete, the … Continue reading